Daniel Snowman: writer, lecturer, broadcaster


Daniel Snowman interviewing for radioFor many years Daniel Snowman worked at the BBC where, as Chief Producer (Features), he was responsible for a wide variety of radio series on cultural and historical subjects, specialising in ambitious, multi-programme projects.

Broadcasting highlights have included:

  • Northern Lights – a Radio 4 Festival about the people, economics, science and politics of the Arctic
  • Fin de Siècle, which attempted to enter and recreate the sound world of the final years of each of the past six centuries, and which later appeared as a book edited by Daniel Snowman and Asa Briggs
  • The Culture Carriers – an evening on BBC Radio 3, which he presented, to mark the launch of his book The Hitler Emigrés
  • In 2007 he presented a 6-part feature series on Radio 3 about the social history of opera

Principal BBC Radio productions (presenter &/or producer) have included

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  • The Gilded Stage: series about the social and cultural history of opera: 2007
  • Spitalfields: 2002; Vaughan Williams' London: 2003 (both with Dan Cruickshank)
  • Culture Carriers: An evening on Radio 3 about the work of the Hitler Emigrés: 2002
  • Victoria's Children: 2001; Living with Glorious John (Barbirolli centenary): 1999
  • 5-part series on Puccini; Spirit of the Age series; cultural history of Vienna: 1998
  • Rebuilding the (Opera) House: 1997
  • Singing Verdi:1995; Conducting Verdi:1996; Directing Verdi: 1997
  • History Now and Then (history series with Roy Porter and others): 1994-6
  • Pretty Witty Nell (Nell Gwyn); The D-Drunken P-Poet (Durfey): 1995
  • Donizetti's Final Mad Scene and Legacy of Liszt: 1994
  • Curtain Up (opera introductions, with Aled Jones): 1993-5
  • Fin de Siècle (the ends of the past six centuries in British history): 1994
  • On the Road for a Song (traditional music of Britain's regions, with Lucie Skeaping): 1993
  • Northern Lights (5-week multi-programme Arctic Festival): 1992
  • Maps of the Mind: 1991
  • Pastime With Good Company (Portrait of Henry VIII): 1991
  • The Making of the "Vixen" (with Simon Rattle): 1990
  • Songs My Mother Taught Me (music of Britain's ethnic groups): 1990
  • Beyond the Tunnel of History (Reith Lectures): 1989
  • Songs of Sepharad (Music of Medieval Jewish Spain, with Lucie Skeaping): 1989
  • Encounters in Australia: 1988
  • South of Sixty (Antarctica): 1988
  • The Age of Chivalry: 1987
  • The Making of Medee (Sydney Opera): 1987
  • Paco Pena in Cordoba: 1986
  • Inside Castro's Cuba: 1986
  • The Making of a Quartet (William Mathias and the Medici Quartet): 1986
  • The Vatican: 1985
  • War and Peace in Our Time: 1984
  • Enjoying Opera: 1983
  • Conversations with Domingo: 1983
  • NY Metropolitan Opera at 100: 1983
  • A World In Common (world development issues): 1982
  • Morality: 1981
  • Folktales: 1980
  • The Sexes: 1980
  • World Powers in the 20th Century (26-part educational series): 1978
  • Malraux: 1976
  • New York and Chicago - Two Bicentennial Portraits: 1976
  • Whatever Happened to Equality?  1976
  • "Words...": 1974-6
  • The Long March of Everyman (26-part history of the British people): 1971
  • Britain in the Sixties: 1970
  • What Is News? 1970
  • Winifred Wagner: 1969
  • Music from the Dead Composers (with Rosemary Brown): 1969
  • Black Power: 1969
  • Martin Luther King: 1968